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Bitcoin Wastes Energy!

Bitcoin mining and energy

“Salad consumes more energy than Bitcoin. Just imagine what we could do with all that sunshine!”

The “Bitcoin wastes Energy!” prejudice is one of the most often heard ones, and at the same time one of the most frowned upon ones for Bitcoiners, as it has been refuted excessively in countless articles, podcasts and videos – so usually, a person making this claim either doesn’t sufficiently understand Bitcoin’s value proposal, or he/she wants to attack the project for selfish reasons.
On this page, we will look at Bitcoin from several angles and show that in fact, Bitcoin does not ‘waste’ energy – rather just the opposite! -, and on top of that, Bitcoin provides a lifeboat for anyone exposed to our factually wasteful, current Fiat-based financial system – maybe even the world as a whole.

We can conclude:

Bitcoin is the most energy-efficient savings technology ever discovered.
(Pierre Rochard)

Please let us know in the comment section or through the comment form if you have additional ideas, found disputable claims or data, or simply want to share your thoughts about this topic!

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  • I think this topic will be of major importance for the next few years, maybe the main angle of governments to fight Bitcoin, because most people still don’t know better and just repeat what ‘influencers’ are telling them.

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