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This website was created to answer the most frequent concerns of people who think about converting some of their wealth reserves into Bitcoin.

“People think I got into Bitcoin because I have a high risk tolerance.
Actually I got in because I have a low risk tolerance for worst case scenarios.”

(Jill Carlson)

…or something like this:

“I still haven’t met a single Bitcoin skeptic who actually understands Bitcoin.
They all have massive gaps in their knowledge that led them to incorrect conclusions.”

(Pierre Rochard)

To close these gaps is one of the goals of this website.

Support welcome

a) reviews for phrasing / spelling / terminology / correctness: English isn’t my native language, so if you notice any errors, please let me know through the contact form. If you stumble over any factual errors, please also let me know – by adding your thoughts in the comment section, or using the contact form if you prefer that.

b) translations: if you consider the contents of this site as helpful and feel you can support translating them to another language, this would be most appreciated! I will provide any support I can, the website is prepared to provide multi-language support. So if you are ready to distribute truth bombs in your own language as well – let’s go! 😉

c) authors: if you feel you could contribute new topics or ideas to this website – particularly to cover commonly anticipated ‘risks’ of Bitcoin or specific potentials of Bitcoin (there’s a whole section dedicated to this), please contact us through the contact form, and we’ll happily invite you to be a guest author!

d) sponsoring: I simply try to give something back to the community – but if you want to send a sign of appreciation or support, it would motivate to keep it up.


Much of the content here wouldn’t have been possible without the great thinkers and excellent materials they have shared in the Bitcoin space. I feel extremely thankful having had the opportunity to learn from & with them along the years.
I hope it’s okay for these people to mention them instead of attributing every single phrase with a source link – it would almost be impossible to refer to the correct origins of certain thoughts or conclusions in many cases.

So let me just explicitly thank the following Bitcoiners, philosophers, economists and businessmen for having been important contributors to this website – maybe without even realizing:

Alex Bosworth, BeautyOn, ck_SNARKs, Dennis Parker, Gabor Gurbacs, Gigi, Guy Swann, Francis Pouliot, Max Keiser, Michael Saylor, Peter Todd, Phil Geiger, Pierre Rochard, Rhythm, Robert Breedlove, Saifedean Ammous, Storms,… [to be continued]