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Isn’t it already too late?

Okay guys, let’s forget for a moment that Bitcoin has surprised and shocked people with its insane increases in price since 2011 (when it hit the markets for the first time) and that people have asked this question since already back then.

Let’s instead play with the idea for a moment that Bitcoin continues to do its thing, and won’t only become a relevant part of the treasury reserves of private citizens and corporations, but gradually also one of central banks, by that approaching price levels of 1,000,000+ (then ‘digital’ CBDC-)USD per Bitcoin. Would that not be the time to say to your partner: “Honey, we really missed the ‘Bitcoin’ train, it’s too late to buy now!” ?

Well if you would only be hunting for quick and instant gains, then it might.

But Bitcoin would still have its qualities of being immutable, inconfiscatable, and uncensorable super-hard money that you can take with you anywhere in the world. Wouldn’t that alone justify allocating at least a little ‘safe play’ part of your wealth in Bitcoin, instead of staying completely exposed to the inflatable and censorable ‘central bank digital currency’ we will most likely have to deal with by then?

The choice is yours. The opportunity cost of not doing it is yours also.


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